Sunrise Brings New Beginnings

Grackles are often quite loud but this one was mostly drowned out by all the others that happily cheered as the sun started another day.

By Barry on

Not just a walk. Not just anywhere.

Sunrises signify new beginnings and fresh starts. At the same time we know, or hope, they are coming every day so they are like an old friend. In the early morning hours before the rush of the day takes hold is the perfect time to take inventory, to accept and learn from failures and to see new opportunities.

And so this walk through the wetlands of Viera was that and more.  Failures don’t stop. In fact, I was apparently so focused in looking for the perfect picture that I failed to realize that very early, the vibration reduction switch on my lens had been bumped and was off. I didn’t realize how much I had come to rely on that but without it, the return home was somewhat disappointing. The majority of 70+ photos were blurred and useless for sharing. What is presented in the video is the handful that could be saved.

Though it was a beautiful morning to see the wetlands, when I got home and then listened to what I had recorded as soon as I got there, I realized that was the true gem of this trip. The difficult part was choosing which 4 minute portion of 20 minutes of audio to use. I eventually settled on this piece because of the sandhill crane that lingers at a distance through a large portion. It was perhaps a blessing that I came up short in the photo area because you can just begin to hear the sound of an approaching airliner toward the end of the video.


Returning to the subject of new beginnings, I believe this will be one for me. Much of the last year passed with me trying to fill an emptiness which may or may not have been over inflated in my head. The most noticeable result is that I failed to accomplish many things including a return to and nourishment of the creative side of me that gave birth to this website some time ago. You can expect to see more activity here goring forward. The exploration and enjoyment of the waves bathing our bodies that are revealed as sound for the most fortunate of us and the creative ways in which we partake of them are the primary focus of my effort here. However, in bringing that I will share other parts of the process using my interest in photography, computers and computer graphics What I wasn’t planning when I chose this domain name and built this site was that I might one day dally in creating music. That is something I have recently taken an interest to and will undoubtably explore here too.  After all, it is still ‘aural’.

Oh yeah….and I haven’t forgotten the wind chimes that were the true inspiration for this site.

Thank you for joining me for the ride.


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