Sound And The Evolution Of Your Brain

Bathing in waves

For thousands of years, sound has been used for healing in various cultures.

By Barry on

I expect that it is little surprise to anybody that sound effects our moods.  I could think of nothing better to ruin the mood of my parents as a teen ager than to put on some music that I knew they didn’t appreciate – and the louder the better.  Sounds of all sorts are used to ‘set the tone’ but do we really know how this works?

Sure, hair cells in our inner ears convert vibrations of a range of frequencies into electrical signals to be processed by our brains.  Waves in the light spectrum are converted by our eyes and temperature ( among other sensations ) is converted by nerves in our skin.  But what of the frequencies that aren’t readily converted by our senses?  Do they have no effect on us because we can’t sense them with our obvious an known senses?

Though plants have no ears, studies have claimed they do react to sound. Similarly, some practitioners claim that sound also effects us at a cellular level that has no connection to ‘hearing’.  Too much light of certain frequencies effects us adversely as do doses of radiation over certain levels.  There is more than meets the eye…or ear for that matter.

With transmitting waves from light, electronics, traffic and on and on, its little wonder that just stepping out of all that ‘noise’ and stopping to hear and embrace the natural sounds around us can be refreshing and healing in itself. Maybe evolution is a bit slow when it comes to some things.




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