Echoes Of The Past and Future

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My new friend, a Yamaha YPG-235

By Barry on

For quite some time now I’ve been looking for ways to rejuvenate the creative passion I once had. I’ve dabbled in all sorts of things but keep going back to the things I knew as a kid.  Well, in some instances I have and sometimes ‘almost’ went back but not quite.

I used to be quite good with the accordion.  I’m sure my mother and grandmother would tell you so if they were still here.  For me, it was hours of scales and forced finger drills to play an instrument that nobody wanted to play.  At least that is the way I felt then and dressing up in white slacks and fluorescent orange and red shirts made of something silky with oversized collars and sleeves for competitions didn’t help.

I wanted to play something ‘cool’ like the guitar but by the time I got around to having the freedom and money to buy one, I didn’t have the time to learn something from scratch.  I sometimes sat down at a piano and poked around with my right hand a bit but felt totally clueless about the left hand. Still…a piano would be more acceptable than an accordion.

And so, these echoes of the past have risen again and if there’s one thing about time, it seems to go faster today than it did yesterday. I don’t think that will ever change so I’ve made the leap and purchased this Yamaha Baby Grand Piano (YPG-235).   Of course, it’s not ‘really’ a piano but pretends very well and also pretends to be many other things. It also connects to a computer to interact with other creative applications.

I’m stoked and hoping time cooperates just a little bit so that I can someday take this further than I ever took that squeeze box. Preparing for this also set me on a journey of reorganizing that I didn’t anticipate this last weekend – proving only that time goes where it wants while we simply try to hold on and enjoy the ride.


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